3D Printer Accessories Mechanical End-Stop Sensor With 60cm Cable RobotDYN

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A limit switch is on board in the RobotDYN 3D Printer Endstop Mechanical Limit Switch Module Sensor package to detect the end of the head print motion and prevent touching the heat bed. On each moving axis of a 3D printer, endstops or limit switches are used. As a result, the end-stop switch serves as a reference system for the axis system as well as safety for 3D printers and CNC machines. The controller unit does not know which axis is at which position after turning on the 3D printer and CNC machine. The offset point for the controller unit can be detected by the end-stop switches. This switch also serves as a limiter, preventing out-of-limit motion and protecting the system from physical damage caused by an incident.

This module is a Tactile Switch that operates on a lever switch, which is a reliable and simple to install but comfortable to wear switch. This touching switch is designed specifically for the 3D Printer RobotDYN End-Stop Sensor, but it can be used with any 3D printer or CNC machine. When activated, this switch is wired like an audio connector from old CD ROMs and pulls the signal to Low. This board includes an LED indicator that displays the board's active status.



Wire: 22AWG 

Length of Cable: 60cm

Output Pins: 3 pins 

Type: Horizontal type

Colour: black



Package Includes:

1 x RobotDYN 3D Printer Endstop Mechanical Limit Switch Module Sensor

1 x 60cm 3 pins Cable