Speaker 2.9CM 8 Ohm 0.25W Small

AED 5.25



Horn loudspeaker Diameter 2.9CM 29MM 8R/0.25W .                                                                                      

 Shipping list:1PCS*Horn loudspeaker 

Speakers work by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy (motion).  The mechanical energy compresses air and converts the motion into sound energy or sound pressure level (SPL).

When an electric current is sent through a coil of wire, it induces a magnetic field.

In speakers, a current is sent through the voice coil which produces an electric field that interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet attached to the speaker.

Like charges repel each other and different charges attract.  As an audio signal is sent through the voice coil and the musical waveform moves up and down, the voice coil is attracted and repelled by the permanent magnet.

This makes the cone that the voice coil is attached to move back and forth. The back and forth motion creates pressure waves in the air that we perceive as sound.