Temperature Thermostat Controller Intelligent Digital With NTC Sensor W1401 And LED Display

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thermostat Temperature controller is low-cost 12V Temperature controller with 7-segment display  switchs keypad for setting temperature and other parameters. The module features an NTC thermistor temperature sensing and has an accuracy of 0.1 C.

Temperature range: -9-99 centigrade 
Accuracy: 1 centigrade 
Control accuracy: 1 centigrade 
Setting Range: -9-99 centigrade 
Refresh rate: 0.5S
Input Power: DC12V
Output: Relay output, capacity 220V 10A / 12V 10A
Environmental requirements: -10-60 centigrade 
Humidity: 20% -85%
Size: 78x51mm
temperature sensor: NTC(3950-10k 1%)
Applicable to Various spatial temperature control,Water temperature control,Incubators, etc  

Packag icluded: 
1 x Temperature Control  with NTC temperature sensor