Arduino Starter Kit Basic Components Collection

AED 19.95



The Handy Portable Resistor Kit empowers beginners to explore the exciting world of electronics, providing a versatile set of components to fuel their imagination and hands-on learning. Whether you're a student, hobbyist, or aspiring engineer, this kit is your gateway to endless electronic possibilities.


Kit Contents:

Resistors (Carbon Film) Potentiometers LEDs Tactile Switches Single Pin Headers
- 100R: 30 pieces - 10K: 2 pieces - Green: 3 pieces - Body: 6 pieces - 40 pins (2.54mm pitch)- 2 pieces
- 1K: 30 pieces - 100K: 2 pieces - Red: 3 pieces - Blue Circle: 3 pieces - 2 pieces
- 4.7K: 30 pieces   - Yellow: 3 pieces - Red Circle: 3 pieces  
- 10K: 30 pieces   - White: 3 pieces - White Round: 3 pieces  
- 47K: 30 pieces   - - White Square: 3 pieces  
- 100K: 30 pieces   - - Green Square: 3 pieces  
- 1M: 30 pieces   -    



  1. LED Control: Learn how to control LEDs with different colors (green, red, yellow, and white) using resistors and potentiometers. Create dazzling light patterns and effects.
  2. Voltage Regulation: Utilize the potentiometers to regulate voltage levels, a fundamental skill for various electronic applications.
  3. Button Inputs: Understand how to use tactile switches as input devices. Implement them in projects like simple electronic games or as user interface elements.
  4. Resistance Calculations: Experiment with different resistor values to comprehend their role in current and voltage division, crucial for designing circuits.
  5. Prototyping: These components are ideal for prototyping and experimenting with various Arduino and MCU projects, helping you build a solid foundation in electronics.
  6. Education: This kit is an excellent educational resource for schools, workshops, or self-paced learning, fostering hands-on experience and creativity in electronics.
  7. Sensor Interfacing: Combine these components with sensors to create interactive and sensor-based projects, such as temperature sensors, light sensors, and more.