3D Printer Accessories Mini MGN12 Linear Motion Rail 400mm Linear For CNC Axis

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The MGN12-400mm linear guide is engineered to deliver precision and reliability in linear motion applications. Its utilization of re-circulating rolling elements between the rail and bearing block ensures minimal friction, resulting in a smoother and more efficient movement. This linear guide distinguishes itself by offering a remarkable load-bearing capacity in all directions, a feature that sets it apart from traditional slides.


Package Includes:

1 x  MGN12H carriage 



  • Friction Coefficient: The linear guideway boasts an impressively low coefficient of friction.
  • Dimensions: it measuring only 1/50 when compared to traditional slides. This reduction in friction contributes to smoother and more efficient linear motion.



  • Product Type: 3D Printer Accessories Mini MGN12 Linear Motion Rail
  • Length: 400mm
  • Linear Guide Type: MGN12