3D Printer Accessories Spring 36.5x25x5mm (Per Piece)

AED 3.15



Tension springs, also known as extension springs, are meticulously crafted coils engineered to exert and manage the force referred to as 'tension'. These springs are specially designed to operate under tension forces and are commonly equipped with loops or hooks at each end for seamless attachment. Tension springs play a vital role in various applications, contributing to controlled movement, counterbalancing, and tension-related tasks. They exhibit a tightly wound structure, ensuring reliable performance even under demanding conditions. The design of tension springs features closely coiled winding when in a relaxed state, highlighting their precision engineering.


Package Included:

  •  1 x 3D printer DIY Reprap Kossel delta Rostock strong spring.



  • Spring Type: Tension springs (extension springs)
  • Function: Designed to operate with tension forces, providing controlled and precise movement.
  • End Attachments: Equipped with loops or hooks at both ends for easy and secure connection.
  • Coil Structure: Tightly wound coils that maintain their structure and performance under tension.
  • Overall Length: 36.5 mm, offering versatility in installation and usage scenarios.
  • Spring Portion Length: 25 mm, ensuring optimal force generation and controlled extension.
  • Ring Diameter: 5 mm, allowing for convenient attachment to various components.



  • Spring Type: Tension Springs (Extension Springs)
  • Overall Length: 36.5 mm
  • Spring Portion Length: 25 mm
  • Ring Diameter: 5 mm