Robot - Plastic 55 Transmission Reduction Colorful Parts For DIY Motor Gear Box

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The 55pcs Single-Layer Gear Package offers a meticulously curated set of gears designed to enhance DIY hand-made projects. With a standard 0.5-modulus and durable POM plastic construction, these gears provide versatility and reliability for various applications.



  1. Modulus: 0.5, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration.
  2. Material: Crafted from highly durable and wear-resistant POM plastic.
  3. Scope of Use: Ideal for transmission hooks in diverse DIY hand-made products.


Package Includes:

  1. Rubber Bands (6): Three different sizes and colors for dynamic flexibility.
  2. T Collar (4): Facilitates secure connections in projects.
  3. 82a Copper Gear (1): Crucial component for enhancing gear functionality.
  4. Blue Spindle (7): Provides stability and rotational support.
  5. Pulleys (7): Versatile pulleys for various applications.
  6. Axle Sleeve (3): Ensures smooth rotation on axles.
  7. Gear Installation Tools (1 set of 2): Facilitates easy and precise gear setup.
  8. Battery (1): Powers projects with reliable energy.
  9. Propellers (4): Adds a dynamic element to creations.
  10. Ordinary Spindle (6): Available in various colors to suit design preferences.
  11. Four-Wheel Drive Tooth (3-fold): Enhances gear system efficiency.
  12. Color Car Accessories Gear (14): Features various colors, module 0.4, and apertures for a vibrant and functional touch.