Arduino Experiments Component Only KIT

AED 61.95



Welcome to the Arduino Starter Kit, your friendly companion on the exciting journey of Arduino, coding, and electronics! Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned hobbyist, this kit is your key to unlocking the world of creative possibilities.


  • Comprehensive Components: This kit is packed with essential components to fuel your electronic adventures.
  • Versatile Breadboard: The 400 tie-point breadboard provides a versatile canvas for your circuits.
  • Easy Connectivity: Connect components effortlessly with the 30 included cables.
  • Light Up Your World: Illuminate your projects with 10 red LEDs and 10 green LEDs.
  • RGB Magic: Explore a world of colors with the RGB LED.
  • Precise Control: Fine-tune your circuits with 10NF and 100NF ceramic resistors.
  • Energy Storage: Keep things smooth with 100UF ceramic capacitors.
  • Resistance Variety: Experiment with 330Ω, 1K, and 10K resistors.
  • Sensing Motion: Detect tilt and motion with the tilt switch and triangle tilt switches.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Measure temperature variations using the thermistor.
  • Light Sensitivity: Capture changes in light with the photoresistor.
  • Audible Alerts: Add sound effects and alerts with the active buzzer.
  • Precise Movement: Control motion precisely with the 9g servo motor.
  • User Interaction: Incorporate user input with 5 small buttons.
  • Reference Guide: Find resistor values easily with the included resistor card.
  • Fine-Tune Resistance: Adjust resistance precisely with the precision adjustable resistor.
  • Organized Storage: Keep everything tidy in the high-quality storage box.

Package Includes:

  • 400 Tie Point Breadboard: A versatile platform for building and testing your circuits.
  • 30pcs Cables: Essential connectors for wiring your components.
  • 10x 5mm Red LEDs: Illuminate your projects with vibrant red light.
  • 10x 5mm Green LEDs: Add green brilliance to your electronic creations.
  • 1x RGB LED: Explore a spectrum of colors with this RGB LED.
  • 10x 10NF Ceramic Resistors: Precise resistors for circuit design.
  • 10x 100NF Ceramic Resistors: Capacitors for filtering and decoupling.
  • 5x 100UF Ceramic Resistors: Capacitors for energy storage and smoothing.
  • 10x 330Ω Resistors: Useful resistors for various applications.
  • 10x 1K Resistors: Standard resistors for controlling current.
  • 10x 10K Resistors: Versatile resistors for voltage division.
  • 1x Tilt Switch: Detect orientation changes in your projects.
  • 1x Thermistor: Measure temperature variations in your experiments.
  • 1x Photoresistor: Capture changes in light intensity.
  • 1x Active Buzzer: Create sound effects and alerts.
  • 1x 9g Servo: Precise servo motor for controlled motion.
  • 5x Small Buttons: Input buttons for user interaction.
  • 5x Triangle Tilt Switches: Detect tilting or movement.
  • 1x Resistor Card: Handy reference for resistor values.
  • 1x Precision Adjustable Resistor: Fine-tune resistance for specific needs.
  • 1x High-Quality Storage Box: Keep your components organized and secure.