Arduino Uno Starter Y11 Kit

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The Arduino Starter Kit is the perfect choice for beginners looking to dive into the exciting world of Arduino programming and electronics. This comprehensive kit provides you with all the essential components needed to embark on various exciting and educational projects. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or just starting out, this kit will inspire your creativity and help you learn the fundamentals of electronics and coding.



The applications for the components in this kit are vast and limited only by your imagination. You can use them to:

  • Learn Arduino Programming: This kit is an ideal educational tool for those looking to grasp the fundamentals of Arduino programming and electronics.
  • Create Fun Projects: Explore your creativity by building a variety of exciting projects, from LED displays to temperature sensors and beyond.
  • Understand Circuitry: Gain a deeper understanding of electronic circuits and how they function by experimenting with the provided components.
  • Prototype and Innovate: Whether you're designing a new gadget or tinkering with existing technology, the components in this kit are perfect for prototyping and innovation.


The included items:

Item Number Qty Included Component Applications
1 1 UNO R3 Board The core of your projects, Arduino UNO R3.
2 1 Mini Breadboard shield with mini board Convenient prototyping and experimentation.
3 1 830 points Breadboard Spacious board for circuit construction.
4 1 Components box Organize and store your components.
5 15 LED Red Blue Green (each 5pcs) Create colorful visual effects and displays.
6 2 Buzzer Add sound and alerts to your projects.
7 4 Switch Control and interaction elements.
8 1 Seven segments 1 Digit Display numerical information.
9 1 Seven segments 4 Digits More complex numerical displays.
10 2 Mercury switch or ball switch Detect motion and orientation.
11 3 Photoresistor Sense and react to light levels.
12 1 Potentiometer Control variables in your projects.
13 1 Flame sensor Detect the presence of flames.
14 1 Infrared receiver Incorporate infrared communication.
15 15 Resistance 220, 1K, 10K (each 5pcs) Essential components for circuits.
16 1 LM35 Temperature sensor Measure temperature with precision.
17 1 USB Cable Connect to a computer for programming.
18 30 Male to male and female-to-female jumper wire Connect components easily.
19 1 IR mini remote control Remotely control your projects.
20 1 1602 LCD module Display data and information.
21 1 9G Servo Add precise motion to your creations.
22 1 5V stepper motor + ULN2003 driver board Control stepper motors for precise movement.
23 1 74HC595 Expand your digital outputs.
24 1 8*8 DOT MATRIX Create custom visual displays.
25   Pin headers Essential connectors for your projects.