LCD 20x4 Character Display Module Blue Background

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Standard HD44780 LCD 20x4 characters and with Connection port is 0.1" pitch, single row, 20 characters wide, and has four rows for convenient breadboarding and wiring. You can power a single LED backlight with a resistor by applying 5V directly. It can be readily dimmed with a resistor or PWM if it is too bright for you, and it consumes a lot less power than LCDs with EL (electroluminescent) backlights. it can be fully controlled with only 6 digital lines, and the built-in character set supports English/Japanese text, see the HD44780 datasheet for the full character set Up to 8 extra characters can be created for custom glyphs or 'foreign' language support (like unique accents)



  • White characters on blue background
  • Supply voltage: 5V DC
  • Module dimensions: 98 x 60 x 14mm


Pinout of the LCD:

  • 1 VSS 0V Ground
  • 2 VDD 5V Supply Voltage for logic
  • 3 VO (Variable) Operating voltage for LCD
  • 4 RS H/L H: DATA, L: Instruction code
  • 5 R/W H/L H: Read(MPU?Module) L: Write(MPU?Module)
  • 6 EH H->L chip enable signal
  • 7 DB0 H/L Data bus line
  • 8 DB1 H/L Data bus line
  • 9 DB2 H/L Data bus line
  • 10 DB3 H/L Data bus line
  • 11 DB4 H/L Data bus line
  • 12 DB5 H/L Data bus line
  • 13 DB6 H/L Data bus line
  • 14 DB7 H/L Data bus line
  • 15 A 5V LED +
  • 16 K 0V LED-


Package Includes:

1 x HD44780 LCD 20x4 characters