Heart Monitor Disposable ECG Universal Electrodes (Per Piece)

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These Disposable Electrode Replacement Pads are suitable for ECG devices as well as patient monitors. Ideal for persons who find it difficult to use their palm/skin for ECG measures because palms are too dry then the patient's signals are too faint, or when he cannot hold the machine firmly.

To be used with a 3-lead electrodes wire cable (cable not included)

Packed in a sealed foil envelope to provide the maximum hygiene

They are for use with an ECG machine that has a 3-lead electrodes cable. For example, Heal Force Prince 180A, 180B and choiceMed

MD100E, MD100B Portable ECG Monitors (Requires a 3-lead wire to connect to the monitor)


Compatible Brand - All monitoring、telemetry、electrocardiograph instrument

Material - Cloth

Certifications - TUV , ISO 13485, CFDA, RoHS , Biocompatibility

Disposable ECG electrodes,Snap,PF-55,Foam.

Apply to - Adult, Pediatric, Infant, Neonate

Package Includes:
1 x Disposable ECG electrodes