Bluetooth BK3231 Transceiver Module HC-05 06 Compatible

AED 12.00



The SPP-C Bluetooth module is a wireless data transmission solution, specifically designed for applications that require Bluetooth communication. Operating on the V2.1+EDR Bluetooth version, this module supports the Serial Port Profile (SPP) Bluetooth protocol and features UART interface capabilities. With its low cost, small form factor, high transmit/receive sensitivity, low power consumption, and minimal external component requirements, the SPP-C module offers a compelling solution for various wireless communication applications.



  • Bluetooth Chip: BK3231
  • Communication Protocol: Bluetooth Specification v2.1+EDR
  • Radius: Up to 10 meters (power level 2)
  • Integrated PCB Antenna
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Bluetooth adapters that support SPP
  • Radiofrequency: 2.40 - 2.48 GHz
  • Host Interface: UART
  • Power Consumption During Data Transfer: 40 mA
  • Operation Voltage: 2.8 V to 3.6 V
  • Sensitivity: -88dBm for 1 Mbps mode and 2 dBm transmit power
  • HID Support: HID v1.0
  • Crystal Reference Clock: 16 MHz
  • Package: 56-pin QFN 7mmx7mm package for keyboard

Module Configuration:

  • UART Speed: 9600 baud (8 data bits, no parity, stop bit (8N1))
  • Factory Password: 1234
  • Operation Mode: Only works in Slave mode
  • Power Supply: 3.3 V (Level converter required when used with a 5V data line)


  • TX, RX: UART Interface
  • NC: Reserved
  • P00… P45: Programmable Input/Output Port
  • RESET: Reset Line
  • 3.3 V: Power Supply
  • GND: Ground

AT Commands:

  • AT commands should be accompanied by CRNL characters (carriage return and line feed).
  • The module transitions to the AT command mode immediately after power-up, switching to data transmission mode after connecting to a Bluetooth device.




Package Includes:

1 x BK3231 SPP-C Bluetooth module