Distance Time of Flight Sensor GY-530 VL53L0X

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The GY-VL53L0X is a compact and efficient distance sensor utilizing ST's FlightSense technology, designed to precisely measure distances using time-of-flight (TOF) principles. Employing a laser light source, it emits pulses of infrared light and measures the time it takes for the light to travel to the nearest object and back to the sensor. This enables the sensor to act as a miniature, self-contained lidar system, providing accurate distance measurements without being significantly affected by the reflectance of the target object.



  • Model: GY – VL53L0X
  • Distance Range: Up to 2 meters (6.6 feet)
  • Resolution: 1 mm Chip: VL53L0X
  • Power Supply: 2.8 to 5 volts
  • Communication Protocol: I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) communication protocol, fully compatible with 3-5 volt systems
  • Module Size: 10.5 mm x 13.3 mm



  • FlightSense Technology: The module utilizes ST's FlightSense technology, which employs time-of-flight (TOF) principles. This technology allows the sensor to precisely measure the time it takes for infrared laser pulses to travel to the target object and back, enabling accurate distance calculations.
  • Distance Range: The sensor provides a distance measurement range of up to 2 meters (6.6 feet). This makes it suitable for applications where a reliable and accurate measurement of distances within this range is required.
  • Resolution: With a high resolution of 1 mm, the module can provide precise distance readings, allowing for fine-grained control and accuracy in applications that demand detailed distance information.
  • VL53L0X Chip: The module is built around the VL53L0X chip, a time-of-flight ranging and gesture detection sensor. This chip is known for its reliability and accuracy in distance measurements.
  • Power Supply Range: The module operates on a power supply voltage range of 2.8 to 5 volts. This wide range of acceptable power inputs makes the sensor versatile and compatible with various electronic systems.
  • Communication Protocol: The module supports the I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) communication protocol. This ensures easy integration into microcontroller-based systems and makes it compatible with 3-5 volt systems.
  • Compact Module Size: The physical dimensions of the module are 10.5 mm x 13.3 mm. Its compact size makes it suitable for applications where space constraints are a consideration, allowing for easy integration into small-scale projects.
  • Self-Contained Lidar System: The module can be considered a miniature, self-contained lidar system. This means that it provides distance measurements without being significantly influenced by the reflectance properties of the target object, enhancing its accuracy in various environments.



Package Includes:

  • 1 x GY-VL53L0X Module