Solar Panel Photovoltaic 84.5 x 62 mm, 5V, 500mW Monocrystalline Silicon

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The Small Solar Panel features a 5V nominal output voltage and a maximum output current of 100mA. Despite its compact size, this panel packs a punch and can power a wide range of devices, from microcontroller projects to charging batteries, lighting LED bulbs, or even running a small fan. Imagine a baseball cap equipped with a solar panel and a fan blower.



  • Nominal output voltage: 5V
  • Maximum output current: 100mA
  • Perfect for microcontroller projects
  • Ideal for battery charging
  • Illuminates LED light bulbs
  • Can drive a small fan for ventilation
  • Compact dimensions: 84.5 x 62 x 3mm
  • Lightweight design, weighing approximately 16g


Important Note:

  • When soldering wires to the contacts on the panel's back, exercise caution and ensure a swift process. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat during soldering can potentially damage the board.