Adapter TQFP SMD Board Breakout 0.8mm/0.5mm (32-100) (Per Piece)

AED 19.95



Electronic components are either mounted directly on to the surface of a printed circuit board(surface mount or SMT) or have legs that go through holes drilled in the circuit board (through hole or TH). A surface mount to through hole adapter board allows you to use one kind of component on the other kind of board.

What are surface mount (SMT) to through hole adapter boards used for?

SMT to through hole adapter boards are mostly used in the prototyping of projects before any mass programming or assembly. They facilitate the testing and modification of a circuit or device, allowing you to go debug and fix any issues with your prototype.

Types of surface mount (SMT) to through hole adapter boards

SMT to through hole adapter boards come in different sizes depending on your needs, and can be single or double sided. Some have pre-scored break lines to allow for the separation of individual modules from the board as a whole.

A useful adapter board for prototyping with small pitch (0.8mm and 0.5mm) TQFP IC's

  • Double side, FR4 Material
  • Designed to fit both 0.8mm and 0.5mm pitch TQFP IC
  • Side 1: fits 32 to 64 pin IC's with 0.8mm pitch
  • Side 2: fits 32 to 100 pin IC's with 0.5mm pitch
  • DIP pins at 0.1 inch spacing

So, you've got a project in mind but the chip you want to use is a fine pitch 0.8mm/0.5mm chip. Well this adapter board could be just what you need. When using this board, please bear in mind that you can't solder the smaller 0.5mm pitch devices with a soldering iron. Use solder paste (with a stencil) and a hot air gun or oven.