Antenna 2.4GHz Receiver Wire

AED 15.75



The Antenna 2.4GHz Receiver Wire ensures optimal signal quality and reliability in your remote-controlled models, Compatible with various receiver models, it provides the flexibility to improve signal reception, making it an essential component for hobbyists and enthusiasts.



  • Compatibility: Designed for use with receivers like FUTABA 2.4G R606FS, R617FS, R608FS, R6014, and similar models. Also compatible with receivers from other brands.
  • Enhanced Signal Reception: Ideal for models with all-carbon canopies or fuselages, this antenna wire allows you to deploy the receiver aerial outside the fuselage. This external placement enhances signal reception and minimizes signal interference caused by carbon materials.
  • User-Replaceable: The antenna can be easily replaced by any experienced user, ensuring straightforward maintenance and customization of your receiver's signal reception.