Switch SPDT Slide L Shape

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The Switch Slide 2-position SPDT Switch with Side Knob is a versatile component suitable for a wide range of applications including Mouse and keyboard, Digital camera, Bluetooth headset, Car, Mobile phone, Sound, White goods, Health care products, Communication equipment, and Robots and industrial machinery. It is designed with specific specifications to ensure optimal performance.



  1. Rated Voltage: 30mA 6VDC
  2. Travel: 2.0mm
  3. Timing (Optional): NS (Non-shorting)
  4. Contact Resistance: 200mΩ max (initial)
  5. Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ (minDC 250V)
  6. Operating Force: 200±100gf
  7. Dielectric Strength: AC250V (50/60Hz for 1 minute)
  8. Electrically Life: 10,000 cycles
  9. Environment Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃


Package Includes:

1 x Switch Slide 2 position Spdt Switch Side Knob (per piece)