NRF24 SE8R01 Wireless 2.4Ghz modules

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This is a wireless transceiver module that works with the NRF24L01+. It must be used in pairs and is extremely simple to use. It can be used in smart cars, smart homes, and wireless remote controls. Its small size and light weight make it ideal for industrial applications. To meet communication needs, there are 126 channels to support multi-point communications and frequency hopping. Because the air transmission time is so short, the maximum transmission rate is 2Mbps, greatly reducing collision phenomena in wireless transmission (Transfer rate can be set to 500Kbps, 1Mbps, or 2Mbps.)
The SE8R01 has an output power range of up to 4 dBm, which should allow for greater range than the nRF chip, which has a maximum of 0 dBm. Section 6.5 of the datasheet states that to set the output power to 4 dBm, set PA PWR[3:0] in the RF SETUP register to 1111. The Semitek chip consumes 18.5mA at 0 dBm output power, which is significantly higher than the nRF chip's 11.3mA at 0 dBm output power. Because many cheap coin cells begin to drop voltage when current output exceeds 10mA, powering these modules with a CR2032 coin cell will be much more difficult.



operating frequency 2400-2525MHz
communication interface Hardware SPI interface
operating voltage 1.8V-3.6VDC
operating current 20mA (max)
antenna  A built-in PCB antenna is available
communication distance 20 meters (open area)
a notice You need to add a level converter module when using the Arduino board
application Smart car, smart toy, smart home



Pinout of the Module:

  1. VCC:  Power Supply connected to (1.8-3.6V)
  2. GND: connected to GND
  3. CE: Chip Enable
  4. CSN: Chip Select Not
  5. SCK: Serial Clock 
  6. MOSI: Master Output Slave Input—transmits data from the master to a slave
  7. MISO: Master Input Slave Output—transmits data from the slave to the master
  8. IRQ: Interrupt 


Arduino Code For NRF24 SE8R01 Wireless 2.4Ghz modules: