USB to TTL Converter Adapter Module PL2303

AED 9.50



The RS232 TTL Flash Programming Module is a versatile and efficient tool designed to provide high-speed flash programming capabilities. This compact module offers a range of features and protections to ensure seamless operation and data integrity.



  • High-Speed Flash Programming: This module is equipped with RS232 TTL support, enabling you to program flash memory at high speeds. This is particularly useful for applications that require quick data transfers and programming tasks.
  • Fuse Protection: With a built-in 500mA self-recovery fuse, this module ensures protection against power-related issues, enhancing the safety of your connected devices.
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring: The module features two data transmission indicators, allowing you to monitor data transfer status in real-time. This real-time feedback is valuable for ensuring the smooth flow of data.
  • Voltage Interface Options: For enhanced compatibility, the module reserves both 3.3V and 5V pin interfaces. This feature makes it easy to adapt to systems with different voltage requirements, such as DDWRT.
  • Quality Insulation: The entire board is coated with a high-quality transparent heat-shrinkable sleeve. This insulation layer safeguards the PCB from external factors, reducing the risk of short circuits and ensuring the longevity of the module.
  • Electrostatic Protection: The module comes in an electrostatic package, offering an additional layer of protection. This safeguards the board from electrostatic discharge and potential damage, ensuring it arrives in optimal condition for use.
  • System Compatibility: The module supports the WIN7 system, making it versatile and compatible with various setups and configurations.



  • Dimensions: Approximately 50x15x7mm
  • Net Weight: A mere 5g
  • Package Weight: 15g

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