Matrix 8x8 LED Dot Display Module MAX7219

AED 14.95



The MAX7219 is an integrated display driver enabling microprocessor connection to various LED displays, such as 7-segment LED displays, bar graph displays, or 64 individual LEDs. It boasts features like a B-type BCD encoder, multi-channel scan loop, segment word driver, and onboard RAM for data storage. With a four-wire serial interface, it's easily connectable to microprocessors, requiring minimal wiring. It offers low-power modes, brightness control, and cascade support, making it versatile for diverse applications.



  1. Integration with microprocessors for LED display control.
  2. B-type BCD encoder, multi-channel scan loop, segment word driver onboard.
  3. Low-power shutdown mode.
  4. Analog and digital brightness control.
  5. Cascade support with multiple module connections.
  6. Compact module size with fixing screw holes for easy installation.



  • Single module driving capability: 8x8 common cathode matrix.
  • Operating voltage: 5V.
  • Module dimensions: 3.2cm x 3.2cm x 1.3cm.
  • Input and output interface for cascading.
  • Support for cascading multiple modules.




Pin Description
VCC Power supply pin, typically connected to +5V.
GND Ground pin, connected to the ground terminal.
DIN Data input pin for communication with the module.
CS Chip select pin for module activation.
CLK Clock input pin for synchronization purposes.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x MAX7219 LED Matrix Module