Color Sensor Recognition Module GY-31 TCS3200

AED 30.45



The TCS230 Sensor is an RGB Color Sensor that can sense color light with the help of an 8 x 8 array of photodiodes. and by using a Current-to-Frequency Converter the readings from the photodiodes are converted into a square wave with a frequency directly proportional to the light intensity. and simply we can get the results for the color with the help of the Arduino Board or any other MCU by reading the square wave output.



  • Chip: TCS3200
  • Input voltage: DC 3 ~ 5V
  • Output frequency voltage: 0 ~ 5V
  • Use bright white LED lights
  • Power Down Feature
  • Stable Temperature Coefficient
  • Size: 33x33x25mm(approx)
  • Can be directly interfaced with a Microcontroller
  • Compatible with Arduino as well as Raspberry Pi.
  • High-Resolution Conversion of Light Intensity to Frequency
  • Programmable Color and Full-Scale Output Frequency
  • Best detection distance: 1cm


Pinout of the Module:

GY-31 TCS230 TCS3200 color sensor

  • VCC: Module power supply – 2.7V to 5.5V
  • GND: Ground
  • OUT: Output signal

Control pins:

  • S0: Output Frequency Scaling Selection Input
  • S1: Output Frequency Scaling Selection Input
  • S2: Photodiode Type Selection Input
  • S3: Photodiode Type Selection Input
  • LED: LED control



Package included:

1 x GY-31 TCS3200 Color Sensor Recognition Module For Arduino