Bracket for Servo Mechanical Arm Steering Holder Frame Seat Spare Parts for MG995 996 S3003

AED 30.45



Robot steering gear bracket servo bracket multi-functional bracket 995 996r standard servos universal support

Stepper motor bracket is designed to hold the stepper motor. It is often used for 3D printer stepper motor. Because 3D printer is operated with precise control and accuracy, so stepper motor and motor bracket are normally used. The high level of precision control of the stepper motor ensures that the 3D printer can be stopped and twisted in a very precise direction, ensuring rapid prototyping of the product. By reading a 3D computer file and using it to perform a series of cross-section slicing of the product material with a stepper motor working in a 3D printer. After the cross-section is sliced into a 3D printer, then print each slice on top of the other to create a 3D object.

Material: 2mm hard aluminum plate
Surface: sAand blasting oxidation
Weight: 16g
Color: black
Suitable for  HS322, HS422, Tower Pro MG995, MG996, SG5010 and other steering gear, support Hitec, Parallax, Futaba and other brands of standard servo.
Note: The stent CNC machine tools, hole position error of plus or minus 0.1mm, sheet metal angle error of 5 degrees, sheet metal bend error of 0.5mm, material 2mm thick 60 series hard aluminum, high hardness, light weight, Process accuracy is very high.