Bracket for Servo Mechanical Arm Steering Holder Frame Seat Spare Parts for MG995 996 S3003

AED 19.50



This bracket is designed to accommodate a range of applications, serving as a reliable support for robot steering gears, including standard servos like HS322, HS422, Tower Pro MG995, MG996, SG5010, and others. Crafted from a high-quality 2mm hard aluminum plate, this bracket ensures durability and precision in various mechanical setups.



  • Multi-Functional Design: The bracket is engineered to serve multiple functions, making it suitable for a variety of tasks in robotics and mechanical applications.
  • Universal Servo Support: Compatible with a wide range of steering gears, including but not limited to Hitec, Parallax, Futaba, and other standard servo brands.
  • Material and Surface Quality: Constructed from 2mm hard aluminum plate, the bracket boasts high hardness and light weight. The surface is treated with sandblasting oxidation for enhanced durability.
  • Precision Manufacturing: CNC machined with a high level of precision, the bracket features minimal hole position error (±0.1mm), a sheet metal angle error of 5 degrees, and a sheet metal bend error of 0.5mm.
  • Wide Application: Ideal for use in 3D printers to securely hold stepper motors, ensuring precise control and accuracy in the prototyping process.



  • Material: 2mm hard aluminum plate
  • Surface: Sandblasting oxidation
  • Weight: 16g
  • Color: Black
  • Quantity: 1PC
  • Compatibility: Suitable for HS322, HS422, Tower Pro MG995, MG996, SG5010, and other standard servos from various brands.


Additional Information:

  • The bracket is designed for use with CNC machine tools, ensuring high process accuracy.
  • The material used is 60 series hard aluminum, providing a balance of hardness and lightweight properties.


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