LCD TFT 3.95 Inch Touch Screen Module Shield 320x480

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This is a 3.95 TFT Touch Screen with a resolution of 480x320 and controller of ILI9488 This Device is a 16.7M single-chip SoC driver for a-Si TFT liquid crystal display panels with a resolution of 320(RGB) x 480 dots. The ILI9488 is comprised of a 960-channel source driver, The Screen supports serial peripheral interfaces (SPI) to input commands. The ILI9488 supports MIPI*-DSI- high-speed interface mode, the ILI9488 also provides one data lane and one clock lane that can support up to 500Mbps on the MIPI-DSI link. 



  • 3.95-inch TFT touch screen
  • Resolution: 480 x320
  • Controller: ILI9488
  • The appearance of size: 9.7 cm X 6.9 cm
  • Protocol: I2C


Package Includes:

1 x 3.95-inch TFT touch screen