Camera Mount Stand Bracket For Raspberry Pi Module 5MP

AED 31.50



The Adjustable Pi Camera Mount is a must-have accessory for the Pi v1.3 Camera, offering a reliable and adjustable platform to elevate your photography and videography projects. Its user-friendly design, sturdy construction, and tripod compatibility ensure that every shot is captured with precision and stability. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer, this camera mount enhances your Raspberry Pi camera experience, empowering you to capture moments from new and exciting perspectives. (Please note that the Pi Camera itself is not included in the package.)



  • Sturdy Attachment: The Adjustable Pi Camera Mount comes with tiny screws that ensure a solid and secure attachment of the Pi Camera to the mount. This stable connection minimizes any potential camera movement during photography or filming.
  • Flexible Positioning: The mount's design allows users to adjust the camera's position, enabling them to capture shots from different perspectives and angles effortlessly.
  • Tripod Compatibility: For more professional shooting and increased stability, the mount features a 1/4" hole that seamlessly fits standard camera tripod mounts. This compatibility provides a reliable setup for extended photography sessions.
  • Durable Construction: The mount is crafted from high-quality and durable plastic, ensuring long-lasting performance even with frequent use.
  • Complete Assembly Kit: The package includes a two-piece plastic bracket and four mini-screws and hex nuts, providing everything required for assembling the camera mount.
  • Camera Compatibility: The mount is specifically designed for the designated camera model and is not suitable for other cameras. This ensures a perfect fit for a hassle-free attachment.



  • Dimensions: 40.29mm / 1.58" (length) x 28.73mm / 1.13" (width) x 23.8mm / 0.9" (height)
  • Assembly: Assembly is required, and all necessary components are included in the package.

Note: The Adjustable Pi Camera Mount is exclusively compatible with the specified v1.3 camera model and may not be suitable for other camera types.