Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Case Enclosure - Transparent

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Discover the ultimate protective solution for your Raspberry Pi. Acquire our high-quality plastic enclosure, meticulously designed to offer premium protection, easy installation, and complete accessibility. Elevate your Raspberry Pi experience with this sleek and efficient enclosure that guarantees both safety and style. Whether you are a novice or an experienced enthusiast, our enclosure is a must-have addition to your Raspberry Pi setup.


  1. Comprehensive Protection: Crafted with precision from durable ABS plastic, this case offers excellent protection against potential hazards, ensuring the safety of your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Tailored Compatibility: Designed specifically for Raspberry Pi B+/2 models, the case boasts a perfect fit, providing a secure and snug enclosure.
  3. Breather Hole: The enclosure is equipped with a well-designed breather hole, allowing optimal ventilation to maintain your Raspberry Pi's temperature at an ideal level.
  4. Smooth Surface: The sleek surface finish adds a touch of elegance to your Raspberry Pi, making it an attractive addition to your setup.
  5. Easy Installation: With a user-friendly unibody design, the enclosure can be effortlessly assembled. Simply snap the Raspberry Pi into the bottom half of the enclosure and secure the two sides together.
  6. Complete Accessibility: The thoughtfully designed slots grant convenient access to various ports, including the peripheral header, USB ports, Ethernet, SD card, HDMI, composite video, audio, CSI, and JTAG connectors.
  7. Cooling and Mounting Options: The enclosure incorporates feet and vents, ensuring efficient cooling for your Raspberry Pi. It also features plus-shaped wall mounting slots, offering multiple installation choices.
  8. LED Visibility: Light pipes seamlessly integrated into the design allow all status LEDs on the Raspberry Pi to remain visible, providing real-time visual feedback.


  • Case Size: 90x60x25mm, providing ample space for your Raspberry Pi and peripherals.
  • Color: The enclosure is available in a stunning transparent hue, revealing your Raspberry Pi's elegance.

Package Includes:

  • Rubber Plastic Non-Slip Mats x 4: These mats offer enhanced stability, preventing slipping and keeping your Raspberry Pi securely in place.
  • Set Screws x 4: The set screws ensure a tight and reliable assembly, holding your Raspberry Pi firmly in position.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 0mm x 0mm x 0mm
  • Weight: G.W 35g
  • Battery: Not included (Not required for the enclosure's functionality)