Bluetooth 4.0 AT-05 BLE Module HM-10 compatible

AED 15.75



Bluetooth 4.0 AT-05 BLE Module compatible HM-10, with this module the MCU, can be set up, controlled, transfer data, and can remotely control 10 PIO pins, so, the best choice for BLE Device is Bluetooth 4.0 AT-05 BLE Module compatible HM-10. Support Slave and Master mode you can switch, and modify by the AT commands. it Supports Remote control mode, the remote device can control the PIO pin or modify settings by AT commander when Connected. (such as Iphone4s/5 iPad, Note2, etc.) The Bluetooth UART RS232 Serial Converter Module can easily transfer the UART data through the wireless Bluetooth, without a complex PCB layout or deep knowledge in the Bluetooth software stack, you can combine this Bluetooth module with your system for cheap and on the go.


Bluetooth protocol: 4.0

Operating frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band

Communication interface: UART

Power supply: 3.3V

Antenna: PCB onboard antenna (external DB antenna)

Communication distance: 30-40M (open environment)

Bluetooth certification: BQB FCC CE ROHS REAch

Bluetooth name: BT05

Serial port parameters: 9800, 8-bit data, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control

Air upgrade: support OTA air upgrade

Maximum single packet bytes: 280 Bytes

Service UUID: FFE0

Notify UUID: FFE1

Write UUID: FFE2

Storage temperature: MIN: -55 °C-MAX: +125 °C

Work temperature: MIN: -20 °C-MAX: +70 °C

Size:26.9mm x 13mm x 2.2 mm


Pinout of the Bluetooth 4.0 AT-05 BLE Module:

Pin description

UART_TX--Serial data output

UART_RX--Serial data input

VCC--Power supply 3.3V


P1_3--Disconnect pin (200ms ground pulse disconnected)

P1_2--LED and other pins (not connected flashing, online long bright)

P1_1--Bluetooth connection port

RESET--low-level reset, at least 5ms

SDA--data port

Some AT Commands For the Module:

AT Commanders (new version V542)

AT (Test command)

AT+BAUD (Query/Set Baud rate)

AT+chK (Query/Set parity)

AT+STOP (Query/Set stop bit)

AT+UART (Query/Set UART rate, parity, stop bit)

AT+PIO (Query/Set PIO pins status Long command)

AT+PIO (Query/Set a PIO pin status Short command)

AT+NAME (Query/Set device friendly name)

AT+PIN (Query/Set device password code)

AT+DEFAULT (Reset device settings)

AT+RESTART (Restart device)

AT+ROLE (Query/Set device mode, Master or Slave)

AT+CLEAR (Clear remote device address if has)

AT+CONLAST (Try to connect last connect succeed device)

AT+VERSION (Show software version information)

AT+HELP (Show help information)

AT+RADD (Query remote device address)

AT+LADD (Query self-address)

AT+IMME (Query/Set Whether the device boot immediately)

AT+WORK (if device not working, start work, use with AT+IMME command)

AT+TCON (Query/Set Try to connect remote times)

AT+TYPE (Query/Set device work type, transceiver mode, or remote mode)

To read more about the Bluetooth 4.0 AT-05 BLE Module compatible HM-10 you can download the datasheet by Clicking Here