Servo SG92R Micro Digital 9g

AED 30.45



TowerPro 9g digital servo New version of SG90.
POM with Carbon fiber gears set and control arms are more durable use than SG90 nylon gear and more torque.
It is a good choice for park size 3D models , high speed jets and R/C airplane 250 450 RC helicopter


Weight: 9g
Dimension: 23×12.2x27mm
Stall torque: 2.5kg /cm(4.8v)
Gear type: POM with carbon fiber
Operating speed: 0.1sec /60degree (4.8v)
Operating voltage: 4.8v
Temperature range: 0℃_ 55℃
Dead band width:1us
servo wire length: 25 cm
Servo Plug: JR (Fits JR and Futaba)
servo arms &screws included and fit with Futaba servo arm
It’s universal “S” type connector that fits most receivers, including Futaba, JR, Hitec ,GWS, Cirrus, Blue Bird, Blue Arrow, Corona, Berg, Spektrum

Weight(g) 12
 Torque(kg)(4.8v) 2.5
 Speed(sec/60deg) 0.1
 A(mm) 34.5
 B(mm) 22.8
 C(mm) 26.7
 D(mm) 12.6
 E(mm) 32.5
 F(mm) 16