Robotic Arm Metal Gripper For multi DOF Robot

AED 51.45



The Robotic Claw Arm is Crafted from robust metal, this heavy-duty robotic arm is designed to tackle a variety of gripping tasks with ease. With a maximum claw opening of 2 inches and parallel movement of the arms, it ensures a secure and reliable grip on objects. Whether you're into robotics, automation, or just seeking a helping hand for handling objects, this claw arm is your go-to choice.



  • Claws Material: Aluminum
  • Paw Weight: about 68g (excluding servos, without disc)
  • Paw Maximum Opening Angle: 55mm (maximum opening angle spacing 55mm)
  • Paw Overall Length: 108mm (overall length of the longest claws when closed)
  • Paw Overall Width: 98mm (maximum overall width of the paw when open)


Package Includes:

  • 1 X Robotic Arm Metal Gripper For multi-DOF Robot