Arduino RFID starter Kit

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Arduino starter Kit with sensors, motors and motor drivers.

Arduino starter Kit is a great way to get started with Arduino, coding and electronics! You will have all the components you need to make fun projects

One of the most exciting aspects about Electronics is the world of sensors, communication, power, light and everything else that falls under the broad name of electronics. Not only is it one of the most diverse fields on the planet, but it is also very intriguing and fun to learn about all the different ways in which we utilise electricity.

This is why we are always excited to get unique Arduino Kits and packs like this Arduino RFID Kit, which helps you learn all about the various aspects of electronics, with this RFID kit specifically focusing on Wireless RFID and NFC communications. Including a full complement of sensors, modules, connectors, cables, as well as an RFID module, card and tag to experiment with and build your own custom projects!

And while there are some great examples of projects through the internet to enjoy with this kit, you can utilise this kit for whatever projects you can imagine. In fact, some of our customers have even taken this kit and utilised it in conjunction with other Electronics Kits that we stock, to equip themselves with more than enough electronics modules, sensors and other Components to handle large-scale advanced projects like robots or home automation!

All the things listed in the piacture.

Package included:

UNO R3 development board x 1 4*4 keypad x 1 uln2003 Motor driver x 1 5v Relay 1 channel module x 1 micro SG90 servo x 1 joystick module x 1 5v stepper motor Passive buzzer x 1 Active buzzer x 1 1602 display x 1 DHT11 module x 1 RTC module x 1 Water level sensor x 1 Remote control x 1 Microphone sensor module x 1 8*8 matrix x 1 4 digit 7 segment x 1 7 segment x 1 74HC595 x 1 IR Receiver x 1 LM35 temperature sensor x 1 photoresistor x 3 Flame Sensor x 1 SW-520D Tilt sensor x 2 jumper cap x 4 Big button Key switch x 5 Big button Cap x 5 RGB Led module x 1 10k potentiometer x 1 Female to Male Dupont Wire RFID Module 2.54mm pin header 830 Breadboard x 1 USB cable x 1 9v battery holder RED led x 10 Green LED x 10 blue led x 10 10k ohms resistor x 10 1k ohms resistor x 10 330 ohm resistor x 10 Plastic compartment box x 1

Some the projects that you can Accomplish with this amazing Kit !

RFID with Arduino integration

As mentioned above, RFID can be very useful. In embedded systems, it is widely used in various applications such as  clocking systems.  Or make the door unlock system etc.

In this article, we will try to use the MFRC522 RFID reader module  13.56MHz frequency that within the set will have both card tags. And the key tag to be included Making it easier to experiment this time

The RFID reader module, MFRC522, can be easily used with the Arduino board. People have written the library to use it already. Which can be downloaded at https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfid  When entering, click the Download ZIP button on the right.

When the download is complete To extract all files to Arduino

Open the Arduino program, then click on the File menu > Examples. Scroll to find MFRC522.

Come back to use the circuit first When the bag is removed, the MFRC-522 module will not be sold to the solder. Must solder the fishbone to make it easier to use before (If you want to plug in the ProBoard, it is recommended to use straight legs. If you want to attach to the box or come to the extension line, recommend using bent legs)

The circuit can be connected as shown below.

*** Be careful about connecting the voltage to 3.3V. If connected to 5V, the module may be damaged. ***