Arduino RFID starter Kit

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The Arduino Starter Kit with Sensors, Motors, and Motor Drivers is your gateway to the exciting realm of Arduino programming and electronics. Whether you're a novice eager to learn or an experienced hobbyist seeking a versatile kit, this comprehensive package has you covered.


  • UNO R3 Development Board: The heart of your projects, featuring a powerful microcontroller.
  • Diverse Sensors: Including a DHT11 module for temperature and humidity sensing, a water level sensor, and photoresistors for light detection.
  • Motor Control: Utilize the ULN2003 motor driver and 5V stepper motor for precise motor control.
  • Display Options: The 1602 display and 8x8 matrix offer visual feedback for your creations.
  • Sound and Alerts: Experiment with passive and active buzzers for audio feedback.
  • Interactive Inputs: Incorporate a joystick module for user interaction.
  • RFID Communication: Dive into wireless RFID and NFC communication with the included RFID module, card, and tag.
  • Timekeeping: The RTC module ensures accurate timekeeping for your projects.
  • Various LEDs: An array of LEDs, including red, green, and blue, for colorful visual effects.
  • Sensors Galore: LM35 temperature sensor, flame sensor, and SW-520D tilt sensor expand your project possibilities.
  • Expandability: Jumper caps and 830-point breadboard for flexible circuit design.
  • User Control: Big button key switches and potentiometer for control interfaces.
  • RGB LED Module: Add vibrant color to your projects.
  • Wiring Convenience: Female to Male Dupont wires for easy connections.
  • Power Source: 9V battery holder and USB cable for power options.
  • Resistors: A selection of 10k ohms, 1k ohms, and 330-ohm resistors for circuit design.
  • Organization: Store your components in the included plastic compartment box.

Package Includes:

Component Quantity
UNO R3 Development Board 1
4x4 Keypad 1
ULN2003 Motor Driver 1
5V Relay 1 Channel Module 1
Micro SG90 Servo 1
Joystick Module 1
5V Stepper Motor 1
Passive Buzzer 1
Active Buzzer 1
1602 Display 1
DHT11 Module 1
RTC Module 1
Water Level Sensor 1
Remote Control 1
Microphone Sensor Module 1
8x8 Matrix 1
4 Digit 7 Segment 1
7 Segment 1
74HC595 1
IR Receiver 1
LM35 Temperature Sensor 1
Photoresistor (3 pcs) 3
Flame Sensor 1
SW-520D Tilt Sensor (2 pcs) 2
Jumper Cap (4 pcs) 4
Big Button Key Switch (5 pcs) 5
Big Button Cap (5 pcs) 5
RGB LED Module 1
10k Potentiometer 1
Female to Male Dupont Wire 1
RFID Module 1
2.54mm Pin Header 1
830 Breadboard 1
USB Cable 1
9V Battery Holder 1
Red LED (10 pcs) 10
Green LED (10 pcs) 10
Blue LED (10 pcs) 10
10k Ohms Resistor (10 pcs) 10
1k Ohms Resistor (10 pcs) 10
330 Ohm Resistor (10 pcs) 10
Plastic Compartment Box 1

This comprehensive kit provides you with the essential components needed to embark on a multitude of exciting electronics projects. Whether you want to experiment with temperature and humidity sensing, create motorized devices, or explore RFID and NFC communication, this kit offers endless possibilities. Explore the world of Arduino with confidence and creativity.