Prototype Shield Mega for Arduino Mega (Assembled) RobotDYN

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Tired of tangled wires from the shield to the Arduino? Make a Prototype Shield Megaproject and connect it to an Arduino Mega. It allows for quick and secure prototyping. Prototype Shield Mega connects to Arduino via stacks and allows for the addition of additional shields. You can begin advanced development by connecting components on the included small breadboard and finishing the assembly with soldering on the shield as a complete project. The prototyping shield includes a solder area with GND and VCC lines (providing 5V or Vin power via Arduino), a solder surface for SOIC (up to 14 contacts), 3 colored LEDs (red, green, blue) with input for solder or female heads, and a solder surface for SOIC (up to 14 contacts). A switch button with a connection input and a RESET button. LEDs and buttons can be attached to any Arduino pin or to installed components.

Compatible with Arduino Mega.



  • 3 colored LEDs (green, blue, red ),
  • additional switch button,
  • Mounting area for soldering components with VCC and GND lines,
  • VCC power change from 5V to Vin,
  • Solder area for SOIC,
  • Additional capacitor for power stabilization.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Prototype Shield Mega for Arduino Mega