Relay Shield 4 Channels 6-12V For Uno RobotDYN

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The Relay Shield 4 relays allow you to manage 220V network consumer devices, switching power equipment motors, and pumps. There are four relays in total, with switching characteristics of AC 250V-10A and DC 60V-10A.
Normally, the relay is used to separate control and traffic channels. This safeguards your microcontroller. However, there is no guarantee of protection from extremely high currents.



  • the relays and the terminals themselves are placed outside the area of the board Arduino,
  • an optocoupler (4-channel optocoupler TLP521-4) was used for isolating the relays from the microcontroller, now the Arduino circuit and signal outputs are not switching the relay itself.
  • The tracks connecting the relay board and terminals have an additional layer of solder to withstand high loads.
  • For flexibility in the use of I/O of the Arduino, relay control channels can be connected to any D0-D13 Arduino, with jumpers (Wire jumper). It means you are not tied to any I/O.
  • Each channel relay has LED indications.



  • Relay Shield needs an external power supply of 6-12V. For Relay Shield, use a current of about 400mA. With a jumper, you can switch the power supply from an external to Vin board Arduino.
  • Shield has a small soldering area for installing the components of your project. What adds more features and logic for relay control?

Package Includes:

1 x  Relay 4 Relays Shield