Keyestudio Maker Learning Kit

AED 200.00



Maker learning kit is a DIY kit for scientific experiments based on ARDUINO. Together with controllers, sensors, and electronic components, you can build different DIY projects. It can not only enhance operational ability of teenagers but also develop their imagination and creativity. Children who are into DIY can learn electronics, physics, science knowledge, and software programming while playing; teachers can use it to achieve innovative teaching; makers can use it for design verification of product prototypes.

Crafted for scientific experimentation based on Arduino, the Maker Learning Kit includes controllers, sensors, and electronic components, allowing you to construct a variety of captivating DIY projects. This kit not only enhances the operational skills of teenagers but also nurtures their imagination and creativity. For DIY enthusiasts, it serves as a dynamic platform to learn about electronics, physics, science, and software programming while indulging in hands-on play.

Teachers can leverage the Maker Learning Kit for innovative teaching methods, bringing a new dimension to the classroom. Makers, in turn, can utilize it for the design verification of product prototypes, making the kit a versatile companion for a spectrum of learning and creative endeavors.



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