Breadboard Solderless 1660 Tie-Points With Power Cords For Arduino Experiments

AED 34.50



This solderless breadboard boasts a range of features designed to facilitate your prototyping and testing needs. With its compact size measuring 16.5 x 11.1 x 0.85cm, this solderless breadboard serves as an invaluable tool for both beginners and experienced engineers. Whether you are embarking on Arduino shield prototyping or exploring the intricacies of electrical circuits, this breadboard stands ready to be the canvas for your innovative ideas and experiments.



  • Extensive Tie-Points: A generous 1660 tie-points provide abundant space for intricate circuit designs.
  • Versatile Power Distribution: Four power lanes, each equipped with 40 tie-points, offer flexibility in distributing power across your circuits.
  • Dual Double-Strips: Two double-strips, each with 126 tie-points, enhance the board's adaptability for varied component placements.
  • Convenient Binding Posts: Three binding posts facilitate easy and secure connections, adding convenience to your prototyping process.
  • Robust Construction: The board features a robust black aluminum plate backing, ensuring both stability and durability during experimentation.
  • Wide Wire Gauge Compatibility: Accommodating wire gauges from 29 to 20 AWG, the board allows for the use of a variety of wire thicknesses in your projects.



  • Perfect for Arduino shield prototyping and testing
  • ABS housing and brass contact clip for reliable connections
  • Accepts wires with a diameter of 20-29 AWG
  • Voltage rating: 300V
  • Current rating: 3-5A
  • Compact size: 16.5 x 11.1 x 0.85cm


Package includes:
1 x Breadboard Solderless 1660 Tie-Points With Power Cords For Arduino experiments