Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Modules 315Mhz RF Kit

AED 9.45



The kit includes a pair of transmitter and receiver modules , the frequency is 315 MHz. Remote control is very popular for remote control systems such as rolling gates, smart car, smart home, etc. 

About the transmitter module (square shape): 

- compatible with 

Library: VirtualWire; 

-Working voltage: 3.5 ~ 12V DC; 
- Operating frequency: 315 MHz; 
- Transfer rate: 4KB / S (max); 

Transmission distance: 3 m (maximum) VCC = 5 V without additional antenna. When the spring antennas are soldered to the transmitter and receiver module, the transmission distance can be increased up to 5 meters.The larger the supply voltage, the farther the transmission distance. About the receiver module (rectangular shape): -Ar compatible with Arduino; Library: VirtualWire;

Operating voltage: 4.75 ~ 5.25 V DC; 
- Operating frequency: 315 MHz; 
- Silent current: 4mA; 
- Great for the DIY project.