Solar Panel Polysilicon 340x232mm (18V 10W)

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This solar cell is made of polysilicon and has a maximum power output of 10 Wp. Its output power tolerance is ±3% and its conversion efficiency is greater than 20%. It operates at a voltage of 17.6 V and a current of 0.57 A. The open circuit voltage is 21.6 V and the short circuit current is 0.61 A.

It has 36 cells arranged in a 4x9 configuration and can be used in a system with a maximum voltage of 1000 V.Durability and environment: It can withstand temperatures between -40℃ and +85℃ and a pressure of up to 30m/s (200kg/sq.m) on the panel. The frame is made of anodic oxidation aluminum alloy and is built to be long-lasting.

Convenience and connectivity: It comes with a 90 cm long cable and a DC plug with an outer diameter of 3.5mm and an inner diameter of 1.35mm for easy connectivity. The dimensions of the panel are 340 × 232 × 17 mm and it weighs 0.935 kg, making it easy to install and transport.

 Package Includes:

  • Solar Panel (18V 10W) x1


Solar cell type polysilicon Power 10 Wp (Max)
Output power tolerance ±3% Conversion efficiency >20%
Operating voltage 17.6 V Operating current 0.57 A
Open circuit voltage 21.6 V Short circuit current 0.61 A
Cell quantity 36 (4×9) Standard system voltage 1000 V (Max)
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Pressure on panel 30m/s(200kg/sq.m) (Max)
Cable length 90 cm, DC plug, OD 3.5mm ID 1.35mm
Frame material anodic oxidation aluminum alloy
Dimensions 340 × 232 × 17 mm
Weight 0.935 kg
Conversion Efficiency > 20%

Polysilicon Solar Panel, Widened Chips, Larger Receiving Area, Capturing Trivial Source

High Strength Frame

Anodic Oxidation Aluminum Alloy Material, Multi Layers Structure, Waterproof And Durable

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